Emergency Services

Offering help when needed is a service Mongo Optics LLC provides. Types of situations that primarily require emergency services include:

  1. An outage
  2. An emergency
  3. A contract deadline


To get a crew on site, call (308) 440-8075 to report your emergency information. Mongo Optics is dedicated to assisting in emergencies and will send crews within a reasonable timeframe to the site. Our company will not compromise our work’s quality or integrity, and safety for our crews will be the highest priority.


Once on site, our support service crews will offer full fiber optic connection from conditions listed below but not limited to:

  1. Service outages due to storm damage
  2. Damage caused from vehicle accidents
  3. Damaged underground cables
  4. Rodent damage
  5. Damage due to manhole or transformer fires
  6. Contract demands


We are more than happy to assist in the emergency you are facing. At Mongo Optics, we Build Connections That Count.