About us

Building Connections That Count. This simple phrase is applicable to not just what we
do with telecommunication power cables, but also summarizes our desired goal with our
team members, clients, and communities. Mongo Optics LLC is a family owned, faith
driven telecommunication service company that strives to develop relationships while
building connections.

Mission, vision, and values are embedded in all that we do. Mongo Optics will promise to
always be prompt and on time, with our integrity always remaining intact. We will own
all processes, and at job completion the Mongo team and all partners will be proud of the
positive outcomes that improve communities.

Since 2020, Mongo Optics has been dedicated to training and developing a strong
workforce and has played a vital role in building, maintaining, and repairing the
infrastructure of cable, Internet, and phone networks. Our frontline workers are the
people responsible for delivering quality service as well as dealing with challenges on the

Building Connections That Count from both a cultural and skill set perspective…that’s
who we are and what we do.